A Good Day of Fishing
A mild manner fisherman, out on his newly purchased 18’ Sea Ray, languishes in the setting sun while lake fishing. Moments later an explosion nearby forces him to rescue two stunned beauties only to discover they were Jet Skiing naked.  Feeling indebted, they repay his chivalry.
Erotic Stories
The Park
Cardiac Nurse Natalie
Nurse Natalie, who is old-fashioned in her crisp, hospital uniform attire, has a new cardiac patient, a celebrity, in for a long weekend.  He makes her heart weak and her will to resist even weaker.
The Storm
Lonely Day ~ Hot Night
A college baseball star has to stay over Spring Break to prepare for practice and runs into the only two other people he knows on campus – young women who are interested in teaching him a thing or two about college life off campus during Spring Break.
The Best Man
Recently divorced, a young woman wakens to the sound of an old friend, shirtless, hot and sweating, tending her lawn.  She notices him for the first time in “that” way but shrugs it off.  Intending to repay him, she offers breakfast which leads to a very good deal of dessert.
The Good Neighbor
A beautiful woman moves into a new neighborhood, however, she has forgotten to contact the utility companies.  She goes to her new neighbor for help, late in the evening, and returns the favor in the most intimate and explosive way this shy bachelor has ever experienced.
The Hot IBMer
A female IBM rep makes an appearance to review some technical aspect at a gym and encounters a middle-aged buff man working out on a weight bench.  The growing bulge outline under his gym clothes is an inspiration to her dirty girl non-technical self…
The Interruption
A man, intently working in his home office, is interrupted for a break by his impatient lover.
The Personal Trainer
A woman, running late for her Curves class, meets her personal trainer for the first time.  He starts their private session early, but holds her over and exacts perfect punishment for her having been late.  Turns out there are more twists to his passion than he reveals ~ until the end.
The Story of Us: Part I and Part II
Part I: Day One:  High school sweethearts are reunited by the Internet which results in them preparing for their own private reunion.  Having exchanged titillating emails Tanya, now 60, doesn’t want Mick to see her until it is too late for him to retreat.
Part II: Day Two:  The two newly reunited childhood lovers indulge themselves in a well deserved breakfast and each other, again and again.
The Unsuspecting Bedfellow
A man concocts an elaborate plan to get both his wife and their long time college friend into bed for a three-way play date on their regularly scheduled “Date Night”.  Surprise, surprise!  The girls are way ahead of him…and their friend Barry White.
The Wedding Party
The attendants of a wedding decide to teach the shy virgin bride and groom what to do and what expect on their wedding night.  Everyone pitches in to lend a hand…and any other body part needed.  Something like an undressed rehearsal after the rehearsal dinner.
Mo' Tea, Ma'am?
Black beach attendant encounters a lovely, parched and thirsty sun goddess at a beach resort where customer service comes first ~ but not before the guests.
My Husband's Lover
A woman, enraged for the last time by her philandering husband, decides to get even.  Without a clear plan at hand, she decides to follow her husband and see what plan develops.  Determined to split them apart and ruin her husband, she seduce his lover while boiling angry.  Things turn interestingly hot for all of them.
This Month's Featured Sexy Short.
The Park
Two people reunite after a long absence in the playground they enjoyed as children. Only, they are not children anymore, a point that does not go unnoticed between them. They endulge themselves in adult fantasies now.

This Month's Featured Sexy Short.
The Storm
A recently widowed woman, enroute from burying her husband, is grounded by the airlines because of weather.  Confused by the painful burden of her loss, she attempts suicide in the surf at the beachfront of her hotel only to be rescued by a chiseled man she confuses with God.  He comforts her and breathes life back into her future.

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A Veteran's Valentine
A young Marine, on R & R from Vietnam, is quietly seated at Luke's Lounge supper club in Northern California having a cocktail and smoking a cigar.  A beautiful woman, soaked to the bone during the hard rain and looking mean, arrives alone.  Moving to the full bar for a seat, the Marine rises to give her his barstool.  Unimpressed by his gentlemanly manners, she soon recognizes his chivalry, and a few other things, repaying his kindnesses.