It wasn’t late, but the sun had set.  It seemed early, but it was that time of the year when the sun casts a slow vibrant red glow over the darkening horizon and it’s easy to lose track of the time.  Once again he sat alone in his study, working on something unimportant that didn't need to be done at that minute.  But he didn't have much else to do. Actually, he didn’t have anything else to do, truth be told.  A strange thought crossed his mind as he peered over the papers at his reflection in the night window. "Not bad looking for someone approaching fifty."
But he had never been able to see himself as anything but the nice guy who always finished in the middle.  Not the best and not the worst, just the average guy with nowhere to go and no one to go there with.  Oh, there were a few times when women had approached him, sure, but he’d felt awkward.  He was always surprised by their interest, enough to somehow chase them all away.   His first dates seemed to end early with a female headache and a handshake, or with the preverbal, “Maybe we should just be friends.”

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The doorbell rang, knocking him out of his semi-depressed trance and he jumped to his feet. He looked at the clock. It was 10 o’clock. Who would be calling at this late hour? he thought as he moved away from the desk. Maybe if I am quiet, whoever it is will just go away.  But to his own surprise, he walked toward the huge oak front door with his hand out, grasping for the knob. When the doorbell rang again, he stopped in his tracks.  He was overcome with fear and he froze. He was thinking of the home invasions that were always in the news, but then he reasoned with himself that a burglar wouldn’t come ringing his doorbell and making a scene.

His heart was pounding, racing in his chest, despite his efforts to calm himself. Who is it?" he called out. 

Another surprise stroked his ears when a sweet voice floated back in reply, "It's just me, Denise, from next door. I need some help."  He switched the porch light on and peeked through the peephole. He unlatched the door, still frightened.  Taking a deep and determined breath, he squared off.

He opened the door, just a crack, and peered out into the night. As his eyes adjusted, he found himself looking into the most beautiful pair of green eyes.  He was sure he had never seen a more beautiful pair of perfectly matched eyes in all his lonely life.  He couldn't stop his arm from pulling the door open all the way. Then, as awkwardly as always, he mumbled, "Do I know you?"

She looked back at his dumbfounded face and quickly, with the confidence only beautiful women possess, brushed past him into the entryway. "I just moved in next door and I came home to find that the electricity had gone out. I don't know what to do, who to call, where to go, and I remembered my agent saying a nice guy lived here, so can you help me?"

"Well, Denise, is it? It is after ten. Your house is dark, it's cold, and I'm sure there is no one you can call at this hour for help at the power company."  With that said, he stepped back knowing that he was once again showing his complete lack of social skills with the opposite sex. “Forgive me.  I'm sorry, won't you come in and we will see what can be done.”


Denise walked into the nicely decorated living room where the glow of a warm fire greeted her frustration with open flames and a soft, pleasant crackling.  This instantly put her at ease as she fell into the warm grasp of her neighbor’s large overstuffed, well-worn leather sofa. Her eyes closed for a moment as she felt comfort for the first time in a very long time.  "Would you like a drink or something, Denise?" His voice came from nowhere and she immediately noted his obvious discomfort. She responded quietly, "Please." Then, without hesitation, she added, "white wine if you have it."

He didn't respond, but nodded in acknowledgement as he walked to the kitchen and returned with a glass of of something white. “Reisling,” he said to this vision of loveliness that had invaded his lonely existence.  She sat with her eyes closed and head back, resting on the sofa. He stopped mid-stride and simply stared at her profile. She immediately noticed him becoming aroused, but she didn’t move from her position on the couch. Despite his bulge, he moved toward her anyways, and when she sat up she was eye to eye with his manhood. She glanced up his torso slowly as she took the wine and simply asked, "Have you been thinking about something pleasant?"

Turning a deep shade of red, he took a step back, stumbling slightly and covered himself with his hand.

"No, don't cover your thoughts," she said softly. "It's only natural to be attracted to a beautiful woman." She tossed her head with confidence, sending her curls swinging. 

"But I feel so stupid. I’m so embarrassed!"

Then, with one deliberate and commanding motion, she placed the glass on the end table, reached out, and gently grabbed a handful of his pants and him. She pulled him toward her and slowly squeezed so he could not step back, so she could exert her control.

"I think you need something, neighbor," she whispered, as she opened his belt and slowly lowered his zipper, pulling his pants to the floor. He stood motionless as her hand worked its way back and forth over his growing penis. He was bigger than she expected, harder than she anticipated.  She had her right hand buried at the base of his penis, teasing his testicles, working his shaft into an uncontrollable passion-driven response.  She reached around behind him with her left hand, grabbing his firmly rounded butt pulling him forward to take it all in. She took him all the way into her mouth. He could feel himself slamming into the back of her throat, over and over again until he didn’t think he could stand another excruciating second.  Her crimson perfectly shaped mouth was hot and dripping wet.   He lost all sense of himself and gave his manhood over to her completely.  He began to sway back and forth rhythmically as his excitement grew.

She pulled back, exerting her control of him yet again, for just a second to say, "That's it, neighbor, fuck my mouth, fuck me till you come!"

With that lusty encouragement, he began to move with total abandon. She could feel the tip in her throat.  She loved this new neighbor.  She could feel that her own pants were now wet with her excitement as she felt him shove, pound, throb, and wildly pulse deeply in her throat.  In a white hot moment, as he grabbed the back of her head, weaving his fingertips through her lush, auburn curls. Her mouth was filled with his hot juice, which she sucked down eagerly and with great pleasure.

He pulled back,  "Oh, God, I didn't mean to do that."

“Why not?” she reassured him. “You’re delicious."  In between licks, she made sure she ate up all of his cum as she looked forward to her own mounting passionate satisfaction.

She held him in her hand as she slipped back onto the couch, pulling him by his penis toward her. Her skirt now exposed her womanly mound and he grabbed her thong, ripping it off her and throwing it to the floor.  Instinct took over as he knelt between her legs.  He ran his fingertips over her belly to her perfectly shaved and trimmed sweetness.  He rubbed the tip of his penis back and forth, up and down over her clit until she was too hot to think, begging him, pleading with him. Then slid on top of her.   His rod, once again growing, entered her sweet pink. She pulled him down on top of her and he began to thrust as hard as he could. She screamed with pleasure as he plunged deeper and deeper into her body. He began to tremble as his hot cum filled her. She grabbed him, surprised by his strong back and piercing penetration inside her. In a final clenching bear hug, she brought him down on top of her again, wrapping her legs tightly around his back as her own back arched, pushing her hot, throbbing pussy at his hard penis, deeper and deeper. She came with wild abandon, arching her back yet again, pushing her wholeness into him further. She shuttered, came, and quivered as her womanly warmth gave up all she had. She felt their perspiration mix and the sweet aroma of her perfume accent the musky odors of cum, passion and love making. She whispered breathlessly, sweetly and huskily, totally satisfied in his ear,

"I think I'm going to love this neighborhood!"
The Good Neighbor