mathphilosopher on December 7, 2016

Muffy Wilson's "Consenting Hearts" is a sexy standalone! It's a quick read...a little bit of sexy candy! Be sure to keep your vibrator handy! Lots of sexy foreplay and main action. I loved the Meesa element and that Sail is bi. I will definitely read more from Muffy Wilson!

Imagine The Possibilities on May 1, 2016

Consenting Hearts: A Very Special Valentine What a fantastic ride! I was completely entranced within the pages of this book as soon as I picked it up! Sallie is a 'naughty', sexy girl and the hunky Navy Seal, he is edible!
I've read plenty of erotic stories and most of them fall short to this one. I love the way that Ms. Wilson is able to keep it classy and still hot! Ms. Wilson is a word-weaving master in this genre!
This book is listed as a Valentines Day book, but let me tell you what, i didn't read this on Valentines Day. You don't have to be in the V-day mood to enjoy this book. This is an all around great book that could be enjoyed all year long. It is filled with steamy sex and budding romance! Enjoyed this book from start to finish!
I highly recommend this to anyone of adult age! You will love the way Ms. Wilson writes!