J Kahele on January 4, 2016

It takes a lot of skill to write erotica and I have to say Muffy Wilson is at the top of the list. Her writing beautiful, poetic, yet erotic. These short stories were written masterfully and drew me into each individual world. Normally, when I read a collaboration of shorts, I have to stop, clear my mind in between each one. But not these, they are written so well I could float from one to other easily.

C.K. Laurence, Mystery Author on December 5, 2014

Muffy Wilson takes you away with her sensuous style. I was swept away from the real world and carried right into the story. I completely forgot I was reading, and although I am one of those readers that is usually distracted by what is going on around me, I was oblivious to everyone and everything, but MEMORIES AND KISSES!

I highly recommend this, and all of Muffy Wilson's work!